Vicki Valerio Photography


Vicki Valerio brings a photojournalist's eye to the still image whether on location or in the studio. Using color and light and sometimes motion, she brings intimacy to the subjects she photographs. She believes in the concept of The Decisive Moment.

Vicki grew up in a restaurant family in suburban Philadelphia and spent many years romping around the Vulcan ranges, walk-ins and mixers in the kitchens, "assisting" the various chefs. They would always allow her to saute her own frog legs. In her teenage years, she held a number of weekend positions at the restaurants. She was captivated by the high glamour of the Saturday evening dinner scene.

Then she discovered photography.

For two decades, Vicki was a staff photographer at The Philadelphia Inquirer. She traveled frequently on international assignments, photographing stories about cocaine in Peru, life in the new Russia, torture in Tibet, Cuba under Castro, health care in the Dominican Republic and Doctors Without Borders in Mexico. She was part of a Pulitzer-Prize winning team at the paper and was nominated for five other Pulitzer Prizes for her photography.

She now resides in Southern California and is available for editorial, advertising and corporate photography, specializing in documentary and food.